Terms and Conditions

General Terms

We welcome you to the Glow Web Technology website. We are excited to offer you our digital services via the Internet, which include digital marketing, design and implementation of websites, mobile applications, and other services. Below we list for you the terms and conditions that apply to you and everyone who uses or visits the Glow Web Technology services. Therefore, before registering with our website www.glow-web.com, or using any of the contents of the website (all contents and pages that fall within the scope of the Glow Web website via the Internet), including accessing any of our electronic services Please read these terms and conditions because they Necessary to protect both of us as agreements (which may hereinafter be referred to, collectively, as “Agreements”) between you and GloWeb Technology. Therefore, through your use of the website, you accept and agree to be legally bound by these agreements, whether you are a registered user of the website or not.

We realize that legal jargon can be cumbersome to read, so we have tried to make the experience more enjoyable. Thank you for choosing to use our services.

• Code of online conduct

-You must know that you pledge through this document, and as a condition of your use of the services provided by Glow Web Technology through its website, that you will not use the site in any way that aims to abuse, disable, hinder, or overburden the Glow Web Technology server or the Glow Web Technology network(s). Connecting to any of its servers or interfering with any third party and enjoying the site. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to any GloWeb Technology server through hacking, password mining, or any other means.
-You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information stored on the site or any of its servers or computers connected to it through any means not intentionally made available through the site.

• The following list shows materials that are strictly prohibited from being distributed on the website

It is not possible to use any of Glow Web Technology’s products or services in a way that insults Islam, violates Islamic law, or posts any content that violates morals or the local law of the resident country. In the event of a violation of this clause, ‘Glow Web Technology’ has the right to stop the product or service immediately without referring to the service buyer without the slightest compensation. ‘Glow Web Technology’ does not bear any responsibility resulting from any incorrect use or violation of local and international laws.

-Content that defames, harasses or threatens others
-Content that discusses illegal activities
-Content that violates third-party intellectual property, including but not limited to copyrights or trademarks.
-Inappropriate, indecent, or unauthorized pornographic content
-Advertising or any form of commercial advertising
-Contents related to political, partisan, or religious activities.
-Viruses, malware, spyware, or any other similar programs that may damage the operation of a computer or other property
-Content that contains information that is intentionally inaccurate or that is published with the intention of misleading others.
-Furthermore, you agree not to attempt to collect information or download any content from the site in large quantities, including but not limited to a list or directory of system users, books available online, user publications, or their personal information. You also agree not to misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the Site.

After reading the previous list of prohibitions, any violation of any of the terms of this list entitles Glow Web Technology to terminate your use, access, or participation in the site without prior notice.

• Mailing lists and e-newsletters

To benefit from full participation in the activities and services provided by Glow Web Technology on its website, you must provide us with your name and email address in order to keep you informed of all our news and developments. Thus, you declare that all the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date. You also agree to maintain and update your information to keep it accurate and current.

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the personal information that you provide to us while registering on the Glow Web Technology website. Therefore, we care about the confidentiality and security of your personal information through our servers, which are protected by devices and programs with high-security technology.
You can view our Privacy Policy for more details about what information Glow Web Technology may collect about you and how Glow Web Technology uses that information. By accessing the site, you agree to the collection and use of your information by Glow Web Technology

• Your right to use the content on the site

-All contents of the site are protected by the Egyptian Copyright Law unless it is stated that it is public property.
-All text, articles, videos, images, and other materials available and provided on this site are for your personal use in connection with those uses only, unless otherwise expressly stated within the site.
-The use of some reference documents, digital scripts, articles, and other information on the site is subject to permission by third parties, as the use of this information is subject to certain rules and conditions that will be published along with this information.
-You hereby undertake, and by using this site, to abide by all these rules and conditions.

• Contracts, payments and agreements

Glow Web Technology reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice to you. Changes to these terms will be effective immediately upon posting on this page or within any other section of the site. Therefore, your access to the site after making any changes constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms and all changes contained therein. So be sure to check this page periodically to stay informed of the most current version of these Terms.